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Make a Personal Statement With Your Choice of Wall Decor

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Wall decor has come a long way. While pictures have been traditionally used to accentuate colors and themes of a home or provided a gentle focal point to admire, wall decor can be used to accomplish so much more.

So much is communicated in decor-one’s sense of individuality, interests or life’s story. The things that are placed in one’s home say so much. For instance, choice of colors can reveal whether a person is calm, energetic, down to Earth or have an eclectic flair. For these reasons, wall decor takes on many styles and is versatile in its use.

Wall lights accomplish several benefits. For instance, wall lights obviously provide light, but depending upon the manner they are placed within a room and in relation to other objects, paired with the type of bulbs used for lighting, they can enhance the mood of the room. For instance, dimly lit wall lights that are situated behind key pieces of furniture can make an excellent, relaxing seating area.

Mirrors are an amazing form of decor. Not only can mirrors be used to play with lighting, but the frames used can also be used to accentuate furniture and other decor and be used to offset a particularly small space.

While clocks generally serve one purpose-to display the time-they also feature many distinct styles of decor-from modern to classic, rustic or Mediterranean. They provide a central focal point to a wall and accomplish soothing tic-toc-tic-toc sounds to lull one to sleep or provide focus.

One of the most efficient pieces of decor are shelves with decorative bookends. Placing items on shelves also serve as decor, but it also frees up living space to be better enjoyed by having additional people over, fun games and general family get-togethers.

Stained glass panels, depending upon their usage, can create some of the most beautiful decor. For instance, placing lights behind a stained glass panel or placing it within a dividing wall can make a decorative window.

Decorative plates are another form of wall decor. Depending upon the colors in the home, all colors can be tied together by placing different colored plates in a symmetrical pattern on the wall. Used within the kitchen, decorative plates can be used to provide style and illicit hunger for mom’s special apple pie.

Pots are other items that when stored on shelves become beautiful decor. In addition, they provide phenomenal storage for items that normally clutter a room. Whatever method of wall decor is used, anything is possible. [WD]

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