Breakfast Protein Smoothies

Breakfast Protein Smoothies

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Why Breakfast?
Why does everyone have to breakfast? This is because on normal human body systems, after going through a phase of sleep 8-10 hours and not make eating and drinking, especially foods that contain carbohydrates, then the blood sugar levels will be at a low point. Low blood sugar levels can interfere with the body’s functional and also the brain needs energy intake of blood sugar. This condition makes the child would be a difficulty in concentrating or activity.
Breakfast Protein Smoothies

Some trends of current are the breakfast habit breakfast processed foods such as nugget or processed meats such as sausages as a staple of the daily menu. In addition, food packaging such as instant noodles and cereals also became a favorite alternative for families who don’t have a lot of time every morning. A lot of research that suggests the existence of a relationship to increased risk of chronic diseases such as cancer with regular eating processed meat and fried foods. As for fast food, generally contain high sugar, salt, and/or fat. Indonesia’s Health Ministry is currently being actively campaigned to reduce the third intake.

Breakfast is too high in sugar will create fluctuations in glucose blood level cause stomach easily feels hungry again. In addition, on instant noodles contained sodium and flavor enhancer is high enough that when consumed continuously can also be harmful to health. Not only that, the fat contained in meal-fried foods also makes calories multiply.

However, this does not mean you should not consume CARB simple or fat at breakfast. But apply a balanced nutritional principle that where every meal there is a source of protein, carbohydrates and fats are balanced.

For example: Add more vegetables to the fried rice and eggs to increase the amount of protein and fat record-breaking profits. Another menu example is bread sandwich meats and vegetables as well as a glass of milk full cream as a running mate. The fruit can also be a healthy breakfast menu. The fruit can be chewed or processed into smoothies by combining fruits and vegetables before processing.

Following the recommendation of a food and drink should be consumed for breakfast:

Recent research reveals that the best breakfast menu for those of you who want to keep the weight should also be rich in protein and dairy content, such as smoothies. This protein serves to improve the regulation of blood glucose and can meet the needs of nutritional intake. In addition, satisfy protein needs can prevent the sense of craving that day. Smoothies recipe examples are 2-3 types of fruit such as Dragon fruit, mango, apples, pineapple, beets, pears or strawberries plus vegetables like carrots, green leafy vegetables of all kinds, or the tomatoes then mixed milk or yogurt.

Similarly like smoothies, yogurt is also good is consumed for breakfast because of its high protein content. In addition, the yogurt is also good for digestion because it contains good bacteria.

Eggs contain protein-rich mainly amino acids is very beneficial for weight control. Consumption of eggs at breakfast also good to help regulate insulin levels in the blood.

Vegetable Omelette
In addition to the protein comes from the eggs, omelet Veggie also contains vitamins and minerals as well as fiber that your body needs.

Oatmeal can be a breakfast menu which is quite practical. In addition to a source of carbohydrates, healthy oatmeal is also rich in fiber.

The importance of breakfast for the body so do not skip breakfast. Squeeze in some breakfast before doing the activity though only with fruit or a glass of milk. HS.

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